BSS Sample Web Site

Sample Web Site

This website demonstrates the variety of elements available in a weebly web.
NOTE: Google Chrome will edit Weebly webs much better than Internet Explorer. It also provides a spellcheck!

Hints For Success

  1. Work with the templates. Over customization often leads to trouble.
  2. Be patient when dragging/dropping elements. You are creating in realtime online - on weebly's server not on your own computer.
  3. To save time plan your web before you begin. 
  4. Use the "Two Column Layout" to organize information and images.
  5. Remember to "Publish" your changes when you are done working or no one will be able to see the changes you've made.

Start Here...

Go to to sign up for an account. You may create 2 webs with each FREE account. If you require a secure site you must upgrade to a Pro account.